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Client Testimonials


Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help and cooperation.

We were picked up promptly from the airport and enjoyed the 3 hour drive from the airport to Tabacon. We did stop on the way for a bite to eat and to see some animals, the driver was very nice and friendly. Tabacon is INCREDIBLE! We loved our room, the amenities at the hotel, the hot springs, everything. I hope you recommend that hotel to everyone that is coming to Costa Rica if they want a romantic getaway. The Sky Trekk ziplining tour was very enjoyable. We were picked up and driven to the site. The guides were nice and very willing to answer questions and help us out. I would also recommend this excursion, definitely got adrenaline going and you got to see the Arenal volcano and lake. The waterfall repelling excursion was just okay. The guides were very nice and willing to help all of us out, especially the nervous people (me). But the food was bad that was given for lunch and the actually repelling wasn't as exciting as expected. The highest/longest repel was the first waterfall and you didn't realize that you were even next to a waterfall until you were more than half way down. Also, you only have 3 waterfalls and one canyon to repel down. We thought that the excursion would be at least 3 or 4 hours and we were back at Tabacon 2.5 hours after we left. Our transportation from Tabacon to El Establo was bumpy, but good. Our voucher that we were given told us that we were getting picked up at 8:15am, but when no one had come to get us at 8:30 we called the company and said that there must have been a misprint and that we were supposed to be picked up at 8:45am. This was fine and at 8:50am we were picked up! The boat was ok. We had to wait on the water for a while because the van to pick us up was running late, but that was not a problem. We did have a very full van (3 in the back seat, 3 in the middle, 2 in the front then the driver) from the lake to El Establo. El Establo is beautiful. The rooms were clean, the set up of the room (no doors between rooms) was fine and the shuttles were great! We loved the Night Walk and the zip line tour. We were able to appreciate nature much more on this zip line tour than with Sky Trekk and Roy with El Establo was great! We also went out on our own to the Don Juan coffee and chocolate tour in Montverde and I would recommend that to everyone. It was a great 3 hours tour. Our transporation picked us up right on time at El Establo and we made our way to RIU Guancaste. The RIU Guancaste is a below average to average all inclusive resort and we urge you not to recommend this hotel to anyone. The housekeeping was good, but the food, room, and customer service/relations were just bad. We were ready to head back by the second day there.... But to stop us from thinking about that we went on a great sunset/snorkeling cruise the day before we left. That was great. Overall, we had an incredible honeymoon and excursions! Thank you again, Lauren and Brian Goldman

Brian and Lauren Goldman, Pennsylvania, USA

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